‘Loving One Another’

Most everyone wants to be a part of something, whether it be a family, bonds of friendship, a sports team, or something else, we want to feel like we matter. God tells us in His Word that every person who is born into His Kingdom has a specific part that no-one else can fill and we are all needed to make the body of Christ work as a whole. Our scripture reference today was found in I Corinthians 12:12 to 31 where we are plainly told that one body part cannot be another, and one body part cannot take the place of another, and finally that one body part is not more important than another.
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Our History

Our Langley branch actually began in Vancouver in 1945, when Paul and Elizabeth Plesko and two other families began having home meetings. Paul and Elizabeth were instrumental in bringing many folks into the fold, including visiting the docks and bringing seamen back for meetings who then enjoyed a time of fellowship at the Plesko home.
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