‘I can do all thing…’

Fear can be a very big thing to overcome. If we allow it, fear can take over our life and we will never try anything new. We may look at someone up on a stage making a speech, sounding very intelligent, speaking smoothly, seemingly without fear, but inside, that person is terrified of making a mistake. Others may not even get as far as getting up and making that speech. It may all be too terrifying for them…..All because we are afraid to fail, and sometimes when we do fail, we are harder on ourselves than God would ever be on us. When we are trying to serve the Lord, if we are overconfident and boastful, the Lord may see fit to allow us to make a mistake that will bring us down a notch and humble us. Peter was a very confident man who sometimes spoke before thinking. He thought he loved the Lord more than anyone else, and said he would die for the Lord, but Jesus told him he would deny Him 3 times. Later, when Peter realized he denied his Lord he wept bitterly. It was at that point that the Lord could now use him in a much different way. When the Lord gives us a talent that He would like us to use for Him, fear may keep us from using it. It may be witnessing, singing, preaching, or other things, but sometimes we are so terrified of looking foolish we refuse to do it. The story in Matthew 25:14-30 about the men who were given talents and some increased their talents but one hid his and on the lord’s return, of the men who increased their talents he made rulers over much, but he took away the one talent of the man who hid his. There will also be a day of reckoning when the Lord will ask us what we did with our talents. Our comfort is that He will never ask us to do something above the ability he gave us….I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me (Philipp 4:13).

Our History

Our Langley branch actually began in Vancouver in 1945, when Paul and Elizabeth Plesko and two other families began having home meetings. Paul and Elizabeth were instrumental in bringing many folks into the fold, including visiting the docks and bringing seamen back for meetings who then enjoyed a time of fellowship at the Plesko home.
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